Data Centers

We store your data in state of the art data centers that employ the latest technologies in computer equipment and energy efficiency.


Your data is encrypted on the wire and on storage. They are housed in data centers with physical perimeter defenses and audited for following appropriate security procedures.


NeatSchool and your data is replicated in multiple data centers in North America. In the event of a physical disaster your site will be accessible from a different data center without the need of manual intervention.

Cloud Based

Since your data is in the cloud you can access them from everywhere as long as you have internet access. Leave early from work and send that group e-mail later from home.

Every Device

Access your organization from a computer or a tablet. We support all major operating systems and browsers.

Multiple Users

We support multiple users in different roles. Our audit trails and notifications keep everybody informed and increase productive collaboration.


Your data is encrypted when in transit over the network and stored in encrypted file systems in secure data centers.

Two Factor Authentication

NeatSchool supports two factor authentication to strengthen the defenses of your organization. Use your password along with a code from your mobile phone to secure your account and your data.

No Hassle

NeatSchool is a service; you will never have to buy the latest software, upgrade your servers or backup your data. We have you covered.