Student & Staff Profile Management

Fast Search

NeatSchool maintains records for students, parents/members, staff, classes, departments, etc. Our fast search allows you to find any record with just a few keystrokes.


We keep track of everything you need to know about the Student. Our vaccination module even includes a smart advisor that warns you about students that are behind their vaccination schedule.

Audit Trail

Ideal for Collaboration: All changes in the system are recorded. A history that shows who changed, what and when is maintained and is available for online viewing and searching.

Leads Tracking

NeatSchool tracks prospective customers who express interest in your program but you or they are not ready yet. See an example of how a customer starts here.


You can download all the license mandated forms, pre-filled with information stored in NeatSchool. Furthermore, we support you with pre-filled sign-in/out and attendance forms.


We help you easily stay compliant with licensing requirements. We include all the licensing forms and our sign in/out and immunization tracking module make these tasks a breeze.


E-mail & SMS

Privacy enhanced e-mail is just the start. NeatSchool automatically maintains groups for each class, department etc. so that you can send e-mail or text messages.


You have e-mail messages that you send periodically. With NeatSchool templates you write them once. Next one you need one you retrieve it in seconds, change information like dates that might have changed and send it again.


You can organize members of your community in Groups. And for even more flexibility opt-in channels provide the ultimate in organizing your communications. For instance, you can have one channel for homework communications, another one for billing etc.


Get reports in your e-mail box or download in PDF and/or Excel format. Reports include Students Roster, Parents Roster, Services Roster, Classes Roster, etc

Parents/Members Portal

Online Registration

Parents and staff can register and login to the portal where they can view and edit their own information, access statements, pay online etc.

Online Enrollment

It all starts with our easy to customize enrollment or membership application form. You point your customers to the URL; no more data entry.

Online Directory

Registered users can access the Online Directory. Community members can select whether they appear in the Directory and what contact information they share.


Integration with Google Calendars brings the whole power of Google Calendars into your Dashboard and Parents/Members/Staff Portal.


NeatSchool integrates with Google's GDrive, automatically creates folders for classes, accounts, staff etc. and provisions users as is appropriate.

Tuition Tracking & Finance

Book Keeping

Keep all your financial picture in one place including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Expense Management etc.


Standard financial reports like Balance Sheet, Income Statement, General Ledger etc. are available online or can be downloaded in Excel format.

Online Payments

Accept online payments with ease. You can select between low cost bank-to-bank or credit card payments or both.

Sign in/out & Classroom Stations

Sign in/out

Our tablet based sign in/out stations integrate with NeatSchool over wifi or 3G/4G. You can instantly find out how many students are present at any time and keep historical records.

Staff Hours

The same station keeps track of staff sign in/out and calculates the number of hours they worked at the end of the period. Synchronized with the internet atomic clock it is accurate down to the nanosecond!!

Student Reports

Teachers can enter classroom incidents as they happen and report student progress. No more manual classroom reports and everything is accessible from the portal

Emergency Contacts

With just a couple of taps, the classroom station provides up to the minute up to date access to emergency contact information.